I am wonderfully made. I am Me. And in the last 37 years, I have learned A РL РO РT! 


Because of my own choices, I was in a place of unbelievable hurt and pain, time and time again. Ultimately, I would make the decision to become 100% sober and start living my best life for once and for all. I have not looked back since! You can read about my sobriety, here.

Today, I am embracing the life God has given me by following him as I find joy in the sometimes mundane. Positivity is my #1 strength! I love being positive like I love health and wellness, but it has not always been easy to be positive or healthy. In fact, I am figuring things out still as I continue to come into my own. I am a single mom raising a teenage son, which also has its challenges. I love animals, and we have three pets. A dog, a cat, and more recently, a snake!

Currently, I am interested in plant-based diets, budgeting, going green in two-thousand nineteen, and Guinea Pigs. [got jokes] My practice has evolved and now includes cooking, working out, yoga, meditation, speaking, improving my vocabulary, writing, prayer, journaling, and much more! I practice lots of things daily, including handstands.

My family is most important to me! I love when all of us get together; me and my son, sis and my niece and nephew, and my mom and dad! They have been married for more than forty years, too! Family is everything!

me & sis

I am a very proud MOM!! My son is amazing in so many ways and God picked ME!!


Love the Houston Rodeo Carnival and water parks!


I love all of the following things, but most importantly I love!

Dogs, cats, and all animals. Good food, good coffee, and a good night of sleep. Coffee Shops, Live Music, Yoga, Family, Tennis, swimming, fishing, travel, Houston, Texas, health and wellness, volunteering, Toastmasters, carbs, naps, running, & shooting.

I’m a Procrastinator at times, but still, a go-getter who sometimes needs someone to help light a little fire under her every now and then, so I chase inspiration and am a life-long learner of things. I am a Christian, and I am a Mom. Shopping, old and new friends, Love my Niece and Love my Nephew, and so much more. The Moth Houston, Recycling, Beaches, Water Parks, Fitness, studying Business, Higher Education. I do Church, outdoors, bike rides, and a lot of times no make-up!

Self care is really important to me. Setting goals, taking risks, letting go, not giving up, moving on. Following my heart, Chasing Jesus.

This page edited and updated on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

Never stop dreaming! Never stop chasing those dreams! Do everything in this life with intention! Be intentional!