Choices & Options & Privileges, oh my

You know those posts and memes about getting distracted? Normally, they start off describing someone’s thoughts/actions, usually a very busy person’s mind and where it takes them. A lot of us can relate. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, here is my real life example, wait, “squirrel.”

I wake up, gonna be productive, want to do some yoga, but need coffee. Going to make some coffee, but favorite mug is in the car. Go out to car, realize I didn’t bring everything in from the day before, so bring everything in. Then make coffee. Come inside to boil water for coffee, but my mug is dirty and so are dishes in the sink. Wash dishes in the sink, make coffee, but it’s too hot, let’s take a shower why I wait for coffee to be not-so-hot. Still want to do a yoga sequence, but the floor needs to be cleaned. Now I’m not in the mood to do yoga because I’m not ready to clean the floors. So, lets sit down and do some work on the computer, but I should put a load of clothes in, first. ONly the clothes in the dryer need to come out, so put them on a cycle to minimize the wrinkles, take them out, then start a new wash. Sit at my computer, going to look for a job, decide to research interview questions, then I’m on Facebook, and yada, yada. Write this post. Next, might do some yoga.

Have you had days like that before? I love days where I have the time to do all of these things in the first place, unlike days where it’s just coffee and work, dinner and sleep. Anyway, none the less, it has been a productive morning. I did all of the things, and stumbled across some “food for thought” while I was at it. I did write the following post about choices, options and privileges, too. It started when I came across something about relationships that struck me, only days after coming across something else about being single. Shoot, I am single. Maybe that’s why I loved it so much.

Here goes. Today, no really, today, I heard something about relationships that I really loved from a life coach/former peer and also Facebook friend, and I thought it was great. I heard the post while scrolling my Facebook. She talked about relationship eligibility. (Maybe my post is for you?!) If you are single, ask yourself if you or someone else who are single, are eligible?

“…once you start to love and enjoy your own company,

being single becomes a privilege.”

-the internet

Not going to explain eligibility here, but think on it. What could that mean? I definitely encourage you to look into it while you take a personal inventory of your life and everyone and everything in it. Inventories, while happy or not, whether single or taken, are good for the soul. The thing is, that many singles are not eligible to be in a relationship. You see, being single, like being happy, is a choice. A person is not necessarily single because of the lack of options, well maybe I am partly single because of the lack of eligible options. Anyway, that’s another post for a different time.

Why do I even bring this up, you might ask? Because I thought it was interesting that if you are single, you might not be eligible. Both people dating need to make sure each other and their ownselves are eligible to be in a relationship in the first place. Maybe this resonates with me because I am single, and I am also eligible. I know I am eligible, but have not always been eligible. Maybe because uneligible people are easy to recognize, and there are many uneligible people looking for a relationship. Just food for thought. Anyway, go grab your coffee and keep reading…

Also heard something else recently… part of a quote… “… once you start to love and enjoy your own company, being single becomes a privilege.”

I love that. Being single is a privilege. It just so happens that I take my privileges and options and choices very seriously these days. Do you? We should love ourselves, first, so we can love others. I am awesome, you are awesome. Doesn’t matter if you are single or taken. But being in a relationship if for eligible partners, only. If you are single, ask yourself if you are eligible. Look for eligible partners. Word to the wise. And, if you’re single, embrace it. Because being single is a privilege.

<3, Stace

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