Looking for a new job

Apply to one or more new jobs per week, but at least one new job. That is the goal. Probably on Sundays. Last week, I applied to one new job. It took hours, maybe because it was the first job that I applied to in a while. And, I did it on a work night. I perfected my cover letter and resume and short answers to questions. I wrote my best personal statement, and all of the other things that were asked of me. I checked with 3 of my 4 references afterward. I will check with the 4th and the others I have in mind. Different jobs require different applications, which require different skillsets and resumes, and of course different kinds of references.

It wasn’t that long ago that I took an inventory of my life. Who and what was in it. What it was missing. Pictured above is one of my 2 dogs, Nikki. I luvs her! [insert heart emoji] My pets are important to me. Adopting dogs in my future are important to me. So many things are important to me. My life is missing a lot of things. It’s never going to be 100% balanced, however, what it is missing the most right now is BALANCE. Work-life balance.

If I look at the job that I have now, and I’d say that it is really more than just a job. There are lots of pros and cons. I mean, sometimes I really love my job. There is not a job out there that is perfect, and I am not looking for a perfect job. I just want BALANCE. Work-life balance.

Let me also add here that I am very blessed to have a job. Especially during COVID. 

So, in short, I am looking for my dream job right now. Meaning. Right now, my dream job would give me BALANCE. I don’t mind pressure, stress, extra hours, a commute, etc. But, I do mind all of those things at one time, all of the time. I don’t necessarily mind working evenings and weekends, some of the time. But, I am absolutely tired of commuting a minimum of 10 hours per week on top of working an average of 55 hours per week, including 4 evenings/nights and every Saturday. I’m really tired of it. I don’t mind staying late some nights/evenings. I don’t mind working some Saturdays. You get the idea.

These are the reasons above why I am looking for a new job. I want to help people, enjoy what I do, and not feel like there is so much I don’t get done every week. I don’t mind busting my butt, especially if I get paid for it, but what about if I bust my butt and not get paid for it. Is it really worth it? I don’t know. And why is white-collar America like that? I mean… I’d rather make less money, have less benefits and work my as* off for myself!

xo, stace [rant-of-sorts over]


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