What a nice day..

Gosh, it’s been forever ago since I wrote last. Here I am, checking in. I journal on the reg but forget about my little spot on the web.

Here are some pics from today, posted in the order they were taken.

Let’s see… first, I’m an hour and a half late picking my son up.. hey, Im not perfect. And there was a reason for my tardiness. Anyway.

Also, I forget his helmet, so he wore mine. No big deal. I took it easy on the trail anyway. We were at Cypress Creek Trails in Northwest Houston. I’ve been before, but it was my son’s first time. We bickered a lot, he is really hard on me. Anyway, besides it being pretty hot, it was a good time. Besides, I don’t mind the heat. 😅 And my son was glad he went, it was his idea anyway.

We got at least one pic together. He certainly didn’t have time to take anymore. Teenagers!!

Later, after dropping my son off at his dad’s and dropping his bike off at my mom’s, I still needed to get a long, hard ride in… it was recommended that I check out Dennis Johnston park, closer than Memorial from where I was currently, so I got 15 miles in.

That’s my best right there, by a couple. It gets boring to keep going and pushing yourself, so you eventually turn around to head back the way you came. Both parks are completely different from one another.

On the one hand, Cypress has a lot of advanced features that are pretty cool. Dennis made it easier to get some distance in. I definitely want to go back to both!

Also, I can’t wait to hit up Memorial Park with my bike soon, too. I also want to take my son. Got a nice rack to throw onto the trunk of my Malibu, and we’re off on our adventure. New bikes for me and my boy, too, we upgraded.

So this last picture didn’t even make it to any of my socials. It’s portrait style, taken right before I lost my top because you know, 100 degree weather it felt like. I don’t know why I like this pic and don’t like it at the same time.

Later, I’d jump in the pool and try to get some sun back at mom and dad’s, only I’m dead-a*s tired and the sun was hiding behind a bunch of clouds. Made it to the casa and finally got a good nap in and refuse to do any work tonight before tomorrow.

So life is good, God is great. Always blessed. Keeping it as real as I can over here, loving my own company these days, that smile life.

Xo, Stace

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