Quarantined, week one.

It’s been a while guys, this is going on day 3 for me self quarantine, except for one trip to the grocery store. It’s so hard to find some motivation to get tons of work done at home at the moment, but I am so grateful for the work I am able to do at home.

Honest, I wish there was more that I could do to help others. It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself in the restaurant/service industry myself. God knows how many years and years and years I have worked as a server, and for a little bit, a bartender. It is such a tough job, but we all rely and depend on our coffees, mixed drinks, takeout, fine dining, beer joints. And the other service jobs, like yoga instructors, trainers, etc! And artists! I used to want to be one in the fitness world. And all of the small business owners!! I still want to be a small business owner. And, people, it’s not like I have a savings, anyway. I live paycheck to paycheck, and anything can still happen.

Gosh, ya’ll, I know I am blessed. And, I’m so glad I am strong, but I have not always been as strong, even if I have been as blessed. Hard times call for hard measures and take a hard toll on our mental health, certainly these kind of times have on mine.

It’s so hard to stay on top of all of the latest news, I know we are going to get through this, but at what cost?! What price? I am still gainfully employed until I’m not, and then what?! I’m just glad that I have someone I can ask for help, I’m glad I’m humble enough to and have family that I can call. But if you don’t have family, I hope you’re still humble enough to ask for help!

Thank God there is not a food shortage. But we have to keep stepping out for groceries. And water. What about you?

I suppose that in other news, prayers aside, here is what I am up to… Currently, I’m writing this from my bed. Tonight, my 15 YO and I agreed on a six-week study plan. He also agreed to take a practice AP Human Geo test tomorrow. He even helped with dinner tonight. I’ve been cooking every night! And running outside every day! He’s been walking the dogs!

Also, all of this followed a celebration of life for my grandmother last weekend! Rest In Peace, Grandma!

Lots of cleaning, but just the usual really, no more than that. Actually, we didn’t go to Church this last weekend or watch online, first time in months we missed a service, but we never actually watch online.

My Toastmasters club met virtually this week for the first time ever, and I was a speaker. I spoke on Leadership and it was one of my best speeches!! Monday and Tuesday of this week I had to work to get out of our centers the first two days in an effort to help move our business online by next week, just bringing home the files and scanning in all of the files!

Yoga is canceled, but thankfully I can practice online, too. I am planning to meet virtually with my small group this weekend, and so it’s just one virtual meeting after another this week!

Man, maybe this is a time for all of us to step back, reflect and think on the things that are really important. Rewrite our goals and assess our current situations, have those more difficult conversations. May we all be humble. For me, it’s rejoining my small group. I only recently rejoined my Toastmasters group. It’s about doing some learning online, cooking more, talking to my son. Reading.

Stay vigilant, my friends. Be safe and stay healthy! Xoxo, Stace

This picture was taken a week ago. We were celebrating the life of my Grana here. Her funeral was the following morning, and my son got to be a pallbearer.

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