One sexy headstand

Hard to believe I am eleven yoga classes into the new year so far. In fact, it’s only been two weeks! I started at the end of January.

I’ve been practicing yoga for years and dreaming of joining a studio one day where I would attend regularly instead of sporadically. I gotta say, getting sober has definitely helped me deepen my practice. And my handstands are just one of the benefits and areas where I am seeing immediate results.

So, about being sober, 100%! It’s only been 77 days, and absolutely, I am counting. I have so much more of myself to give to others and to my practice. I am inspired to write and to blog. To work out every day, sure, that’s easy. And to do yoga almost every day now, too.

I work four nights a week, so every yoga class and work out is during the day.

Pic by my nephew! He’s 4.

I’m excited to start sharing my yoga journey and my sobriety journey here on my blog. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in fitness. Parts of me were still lost while I was finishing school and navigating my way through one unhealthy relationship and lover after another. But I finished my undergraduate degree. I eliminated the stress, and time healed where my heart still hurt. Then I forgave myself.

Nephew took this pic, too.

Check back for more. Happy weekend!

Xx, Stace

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