I’ll take it!

Last weekend, I watched the kids like I normally do. But I took them to go look at tiny houses with me. Total, we visited two locations. These pics are the only ones I have and are from the second location.

Walking inside of these tiny houses was so exciting! I have been obsessed, rather, so infatuated with the entire movement. My niece and nephew gladly modeled and captured the fun and desire that comes from owning one of these babies.

Some of the details were just beautiful and too cute for words. Obviously, I had a favorite.

“Beach house.”

This is the one! I’ll take it.
Just a view of the twin bunks.

It had a loft, separate twin bunks, and full-size master bedroom with gorgeous, sliding barn doors. See above and below.

My favorite, also pictured here.
Check these guys out, the perfect niece and nephew.

These last two pics were inside one of the first homes we looked inside of on the second lot. The first lot and location had pre-fab homes on a 12 foot wide trailer to qualify for the category. They weren’t staged and missed some of the popular details. I can’t wait to go back in about 6 weeks when they get some like the ones you see in the pics.

For something basic, you can spend as little as 38k all the way up to 75k- for some of the ones I have shown you. Plus the land. Like, wow! The smallest ones are less than 600 square feet.

What will you do with your weekend?

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