Good night, moon

You guys. There is always so much to be excited or grateful or happy about in this life of ours. But sometimes, I’ll be one of the first to admit I don’t always feel that way.

There are so many things I want to share on this blog and so much I don’t ever get around to. I share different things across different social media platforms, too. But I love this picture that I took after work tonight, and I’m sharing it here first. Here it is again, different version.

That said. One of the things that I am excited about that is actually happening next month is my room mate will be here for only three weeks, if you can even truly call him that. That’s right, I listed my house on Airbnb months ago, available only during July. A week ago some guy from the UK has a confirmed and approved, 3-week+ reservation!! I am so excited! I will definitely let you know what happens and should post a “what you need to know” or something about what to expect when you’re expecting Airbnb guests. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, this girl (me) has definitely done her research.

I’ve spent all of last week getting ready for it, too. I’ve done things in this house during the last week, that which hasn’t been done in over more than a year. Anyway. You might not think that is very big, but it’s also not all!

Here are ten other random things about me right now.

1. The picture is my backyard. I just hung up those lights after work this evening.

2. I got a new couch and table this week.

3. My nephew broke my most favorite-ever tv this weekend when him and my niece were over. I just paid off the loan that included ‘said’ tv.

4. I was off all of last week.

5. I drank way too much when I went on a brewery tour with coworkers- always planned not to drive, got water park season passes, fixed my car, took a lot of other Uber rides, and had some furniture delivered.

4. Today is my first day back following my staycation. My garage and attic and house are looking fantastic! I also killed ant beds and hornet nests, ick

5. I haven’t worked out in more than a week.

6. Last night I finished mowing and it was about 10 pm, front and back yard.

7. Last week, staycation, I attended four one-hour+ meetings. One- weekly, 7am Tuesday morning TOastmasters meeting where I am an officer and member. 2- a bi-monthly Zoom, Tuesday evening meeting for New Club Mentors, 3- my bi-weekly TOastmasters meeting for which I am a new club mentor, and 4- am impromptu meeting with a friend regarding a possible business opportunity. Lord knows I need to start looking for a job.

8. I only have seven things.

Good night, moon. 🌚

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