You is important.

F R I D A Y   V I B E  . .

( How about them Rockets, though?! )

Good luck on Saturday to all of the IRON MAN competitors in The Woodlands, Texas, and to my only friend that is competing. If I were not working tomorrow, Saturday, I would most certainly be there to show you my support. -stace

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important." -The Help.

Ten-minute writing exercise, and go. (yes- I set a timer)

I think I read this before, it’s a trick or technique for writing. I wasn’t sure what to say anyway. I’m sitting here, contemplating my next move, quite literally. It is Friday and I have lots of school work to do. I have not gone to the gym. And, I am getting hungry. It’s after nine, and my morning is quickly wasting. What to do or say next, idk

Lots of thoughts in my head. Do I want to practice yoga, do I have time to make a quick video. Should I just run outside and skip the gym, or working out all together. Is now a good time to write a little bit about my Ex.

What am I going to do after graduation next week?? Will I start looking for a better job, another job, an additional job? Or, will I keep working at the bar down the road from my house. It’s quickly become a local spot to hang on my side of town. (Actually, it’s quite awesome, and I love working there.)

But, no really, what am I going to do next? I’ve been working on this darn degree for decades and now I’m finished, now what?

Literally, I’ve got nothing. Nothing but ideas. Thoughts. Dreams. Wishes. Wants. Regrets. Right now, I feel alone, tired, bored, inadequate. Frustrated, maybe a little sad, like maybe emotional is a better word. Just catching so many feelings. And, time’s up!

Go Rockets!!

Also, the featured image was taken Tuesday after my Toastmasters meeting. I had just walked in the door. Also, I won BESTEvaluation. It was one of my personal best, too!

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