Stace Tips


Hi guys! Have a great week, here are some things from my first ninety minutes [of this week] but I can’t tell you all of my secrets..

Stace tips, no really, I do tip $$ (pardon the pun, but it is Monday)

In no certain order.. My morning meant I got up at six and took a shower. I don’t want to get up earlier, I don’t need to either!

Coffee for the things, always kicks in soon as I drop off C. I wonder how this might change during the summer weeks. But, although I usually have more than one cup, I don’t need more than one round! ..Makes sense to me (that I try not to drink coffee throughout my day)

A quote of the day, some inspiration, and words. Someone’s, anyone’s. Mine. Reflection. I also wrote for ten minutes, after posting to my social media. Forgot to turn the news on when I woke up, but eventually caught some of GMA

“As an entrepreneur… every year you get tested and you get stronger. You build more resilience.”

-Jeni Britton Bauer, Forbes quote of the day.

Even though I’m not yet an entrepreneur, I want to be one still. This quote is true to life, either way! I’m definitely getting stronger every year as I build up my resilience! Pretty powerful stuff!

Lastly, responded to a couple emails, and thinking about a couple eggs for breakfast, might even walk my dog. And some little stretches, maybe wiggles with music

I love Monday’s right now, a disclaimer if you will

Lastly, let me end on reflection from yesterday’s message at C H U R C H . .

Steve's message was about deciding what are your 'nonnegotiables' are. "If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godlines?" Matthew 5:13

And, my favorite word of the day/week I N C L U S I O N, and not because I heard it on GMA, recap from yesterday’s Oscars, but because that it was a reminder INCLUSION really was one of my favorite words! There’s a quote about it somewhere that I love! Inclusion is, and has always been very important to me! Except now, I see it differently.

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