Creative Aging

Well, I like to write, work out, and listen to music. Sure, I like plenty other things, too. Mostly, I like to be creative. Always. Have. And I am getting older

Right now I like the freedom to do as I please and not answer to anyone. (Remember, I resigned and blogged a little about it). Anyway. And I like yoga! Well I might love it, but the truth is that I haven’t really tried it fully. I mean I have not developed a daily practice at home. Therefore, I haven’t truly tried it.

But today I came across the words, ‘Creative Aging’, and it really is a thing! I looked it up. But the idea just makes sense like yoga. And I am very interested in yoga and exploring this creative side of me. Plus, like I mentioned, I’m getting older. I want to encourage my creative side and put forth this energy towards it that I have been putting toward less healthy habits I won’t name.

I also want to make my own path for myself and leave a trail, and not follow someone else’s. I want to hold myself more accountable, too, and the idea doesn’t leave me completely about being my own boss one day. I want to prove people wrong, of course. I want to make my mom and dad proud. And Cayden!

Real talk is that I have wrote about my mom today and yesterday. And we don’t have the best relationship, but we try. And it sinks. I know we both have love for each other but sometimes I wish we liked each other more, too. Yesterday there was a thing between us and today a worse thing, but now it’s better again.

Briefly, I heard on GMA this morning, an interview with the actress Laurie Metcalf, from Roseanne, about her new movie, Lady Bird. She plays a mother to a teenage daughter, and when wished that she liked her daughter, she said she loved her. For which the daughter replied, ‘No, I wish you liked me.’ [mic drop]

Well, interestingly that’s how I feel. And I wish my Mom supported me more in the ways I mention above. Also, I’m just being real about my relationship with my mom. I guess you could say that my quick daily yoga practice today also helped me with that.

In fact, journaling, talking to my mom and sis and Cayden, and yoga are a few of the ten things I wish I could do daily. What are ten, or a few, things that you would do daily if you could?

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