Checking in


Guys, It’s hard to believe what all has happened these last two weeks since I resigned from my full-time job at the University, just short of my own upcoming college graduation later in May 2018!

I mean… First, I went to New York..


I’m pretty sure I knew in these pictures how monumental it was what I was about to do, or maybe I didn’t. Either way, I have not looked back since, and pretty much I have not been happier than I am today, at least as far back as I can remember in these last few years

As soon as I got back from my trip, I fulfilled one appointment, conversation, and commitment after another. I got a scare when my son suddenly had 104 fever! Got to spend some extra quality time with my son though, even though he didn’t feel well one morning- but he’s long been good now! Got to meet with TM friends/mentees

I presented outside of my TM club for the first time about Pathways, but disqualified when I went over my time by 4 seconds

Last Saturday, I attended Club Mentor Training, and this week I was assigned my first club. It’s a corporate club, and I attended my first meeting yesterday! I was recommended. I love meeting people


picture from yesterday after visiting @FloTek


And, even more meetings between mentor and mentee, in which case I played both roles. I reconnected for an hour with my former mentor on the same day that I had two 30 minute classroom presentations at Houston Community College. I drove a lot that day. I was invited to speak in classes by my former professor of Finance. 🙂 I presented a talk from the perspective of a current student and future proud alumni of Our Lady of the Lake University.

Not to mention that I also worked at my part-time job both of these weeks and some computer work, always! By the way, my nephew turned 4 which meant cake and ice cream! Last Sunday, we all made it to Church, and I got to watch Sis’ kids after…

Like I said, it’s been a busy two weeks! Got proud for my Country with the start of the Olympics 2018 in South Korea, and then I got sad for my Country after the lives lost in Florida after the Active Shooter. That definitely can’t be forgotten, so I pray

I also recently decided that I would love to be my own boss one day, and it must be the Freedom of being on my own right now that makes me want to explore that. Of course, now I have time to post more, too. I also decided that I was going to start unapologetically doing this, posting more about the things I love to do, write, read, see, or look at, etc. Positive images, mainly.. like for example, this image of Nik below, taken earlier. She was flirting with the guy barista at Starbucks, then there’s this guy

Skittles, our cat, who couldn’t care less atm

Peace and love, Stace


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