NYC WE vibes

My trip to NYC was everything to me and it Liz turns 36was also one of my best friend’s birthdays! A weekend filled with Taxis and Ubers, Times Square, the Subway & the trains😍, NY pizza, Chelsea Market, missed train stops, I took a bus, pretzels in Central Park, The Plaza Fairmont (Where Home Alone was filmed), Brooklyn, the New York Comedy Club 😍 , dinners and birthday drinks, Havana Central, Pig & Whistle. Lots of terrible selfies that will never see the light of day. Oh, and I went up 31 flights of stairs in less than 7 minutes at Double Tree for fun, then I needed a minute. 😅 I did feel a little sick after, not gonna lie. Stomach was full and I hadn’t felt great after the night before.

There was so much I didn’t do on my trip to nyc. Sometimes it’s ok not to have an agenda. Next time not only will I have a plan, but I can’t wait to travel with my son to the big apple!

Ice Skating in Central Park
Central Park

A little went wrong on this trip for me though. I’m not used to traveling, for sure. And yesterday, almost till the very end of the day from the moment I woke up, I traveled the city completely by myself. (Pats on back). Till I got off my plane in Houston, oh Wow! From Brooklyn to La Guardia Airport. I shared more makeup less selfies than I imagined I would have. Enjoy. :/

But I made it back to Texas! I barely made it, but I made it back home to Texas. And, yesterday I learned that I can travel by myself again if I need to. 😊

Added: (same day) even though I was with my friends a lot on Friday and Saturday, we did not stay together in the city  I was half an hour further away from the airport. One of us, whom I stayed with lived in Brooklyn. My other friends were already on the plane when I got on it. I saw them when we landed. 🙂

Here are some more pics…

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