Nice to meet you, *two

When I played tennis for the first time again in years recently, it was great. Tennis is awesome, even if I wasn’t the best. I served nearly fifty balls before I met George, too. Of course, I was driving into Houston to meet Jarred. Only it rained and was cold so instead, Jarred and I had breakfast only.

But, I was still more than itching a little bit to check out the courts. I’ve been wanting to play again for a while, like I said already. So, that’s why I went to the tennis courts after breakfast by myself. And it’s also how and where I met George.

I briskly walked right by him on that particular morning, the day right after Christmas. He literally watched me attempt all my serves before he walked on over to me and asked if I wanted to hit some. Thankfully for me his partner was running a little late.

It was a success because I made some good shots and I made a friend. In fact, I even made it back out to Memorial Park for tennis the week after!

Pic taken in the attic

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