Well, this particular pic isn’t Cat Pose. Either way, my niece took these pics, in exchange for something I’m sure, sneaky girl. (Sunday) Sometimes I get away with charging #AuntTax, and sometimes sh*t requires a bribe…

Not sure where my nephew was at this moment… but, don’t worry, he’s three

Just feels amazing
This should be called Awkward Cat Pose.

^^This was something I started and ended on Day One, on Sunday. Also, taken around the time the Texans beat that a*s. Truth is, today, I’m beat. This single mom of uno is blessed, but beat. And, that’s all I got. I will complete some more poses for challenge, but not for my IG. Post here, instead.

But, if you will please pray for my grandfather, who is dying and at home with hospice…

It’s okay if you pray for Las Vegas first, and don’t stop, my God!

Actually, today was a day. Monday’s usually are, but.

And my heart is broken!! Gn

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