Today was a blah day. I was exhausted. And, very unproductive. First day back to work after a couple days off from both jobs! And, not feeling my greatest, and a little guilty that I didn’t accomplish much. Okay, a lot guilty. 

Trying to be happy for no reason, and going through a quick list of all the things that don’t make me happy, right now in this second, and all of a sudden feeling sorry for myself again. I don’t even have my full rent that’s due tomorrow. This is two months in a row, now, people! I’m too old for this!

I’m actually wondering, what do I do next. What’s the next best adult thing to do in this situation. 

Sure, go pick up the kid, you say. And, dinner. Don’t worry, I got this…

You should know that most of my moments of truth and reflections happen on the floor of this messy closet!

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