The Moth Houston


Last month, I attended The Moth in Houston at Warehouse Live. It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done with members of my Toastmasters club. In fact, we got to participate as volunteer judges. Our team was called, Team Paris!

There were three judging teams made up of volunteers like myself. We agree to follow the rules and to a two-person minimum, although we had three. Our team name had to be theme appropriate, and July’s theme was Beauty.

Basically, there are monthly willing story tellers who put their names in a hat. The announcer and host will pick ten names, one at a time. Each will tell their 5-6 minute stories. Judges score 1-10, and the winner receives the best scores.

The Moth is the coolest thing ever! Learn more about next month’s event, Caution. I am planning to go next week, Tuesday. Tickets are ten bucks and will go on sale soon. I am considering putting my name in a hat.

Next month’s theme is Caution. Participants must prepare a five-minute story about “prudent behavior.” If I speak, my story will be about dating.


Sheifta and Staci.



Representing 1960 N. Houston Toastmasters.
Warehouse Live, inside venue. The Stage.



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