Meet Poppy. 

This is sweet Poppy, my oldest friend’s sweet, two-month little girl. This little meet and greet happened on Sunday and was way past-due! Following Church, little-man and I hauled over to Mama Juanita’s for lunch with my sweet friend, her parents, and this little girl! My son will turn 13 in less than three months. Hard to believe that everyone sitting around the table eating lunch today has gotten the chance to hold my own son when he was the same age! I would have driven hours to make today happen. It truly meant a lot to Leigh that I got to see Poppy, and it meant a whole lot to me, too!

It’s funny how life works. It is all the time just changing around us, and everything that happens does so in His perfect timing. Like our friendship, and this precious babes. In past months, I have thought that I didn’t deserve such a good friend as Leigh. She has so carefully checked in on me during some harder times I went through this past year, and the year before that, and the year before that. (Is what it feels like.)

Other times, I think that the only reason we are still friends is that she didn’t give up on me. I owe her a lot, I think. I am also in a better place, today. I mean, finding true happiness is tough as nails, and my journey- far from over, but she was always in my corner. I loved meeting this sweet baby, and I look forward to watching her grow up in such a loving and beautiful family.

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