Yoga 2016 Recap…

Sorry, guys. I’m still getting organized at my new home, sweetmagnoliapatio. This is just a quick post to establish a place for all of my future yoga posts. Mind you, I am still a beginner.

Here is some of what I have learned in 2016, though, about Yoga.

  1. Yoga is hard and fun.
  2. Work-outs leave me sore when they are challenging.
  3. I love all kinds of yoga. I love visiting new and different studios. […]
  4. I had cried during a yoga class before when the teacher gave a personal story and experience in the beginning and end of the class.
  5. Certainly, I have sweated my butt off in a hot yoga studio time after time, again and again.
  6. In Austin, Texas, I have attended a flow class with my girlfriend, and we were high, and it was awesome.
  7. Outside patio yoga, check. (and it was cold.)
  8. Yoga with candles, check.
  9. Yoga on the grass, check. (used a laptop to play the video yoga video that I followed this day.)
  10. My most recent yoga purchase, (it came in the mail the other day), was a yoga strap. It is awesome!!
  11. I actually don’t own a yoga mat. Rather, I use carpet, blankets, and gym mats. I rent mats at the studio or leave donations in boxes for borrowing mats if I go to classes. Although, you better believe I have my eye on a mat, and it is made out of recyclable material and is biodegradable, or course!!
  12. I used to own a yoga block, but my kitten got to it last year. It didn’t make it.
  13. When I want to work on poses, I break out this large hard surface for my floor, it’s a desk-top. Then, I get busy. I place my gym mat over the counter-like surface.
  14. The one thing that I can not do yoga without is my wrist guards. I have weak wrists, and they are the most sustainable to injury. (I used to do floor gymnastics as a cheerleader.)
  15. Some things that I plan to add to my practice are incense, meditation, and music. More candles, my new mat.

Happy yoga in 2017 to you! Practice on!!

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