Hiding and transforming your recycling bins.

Do you like my recycling bin cover? We desperately needed something to help us organize, and remember, this is just the beginning. You can see what they came up with below, made from weathered pallets. Yes, that’s it turned up on its side now. I pull it out away from the window enough so that I can have it stand up on its side while I grab the blue containers and contents from underneath. My friend made it for me with his step-dad. (Yes, I think that we will just call him, “my friend.”)

Recycling makes me very happy.

These pictures are out of order. The picture where you can see the two blue containers stacked one on top of another by the front door was the last picture that was taken. I finally organized my recycling the night before in the biggest way ever! Besides, these cans go out close to 6:00 am. That comes early the next day, especially when it’s cold!! We just started recycling three months ago as a family, and we have come a long way.

Currently, we are not able to recycle glass, which is why I plan to buy another, dark and tall can to keep inside the garage. I will have to see how that goes, assuming I am able to drop off the glass for recycling. This is why I do not purchase glass unless I have to.

If you recycle, what is something that you had to overcome starting out in the beginning? Assuming, it is all about your mindset, what is it you still struggle with? I finally started remembering my own shopping bags.

By the way, for 2017, I am striving not to use styrofoam. This makes me nervous because two of my favorite places to eat are Chick-fil-A and Smoothie King!

I was smashing cans in order to get everything to fit inside my bin.

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