I pledge to work out more in 2017, than I did in 2016! #goals

Whatever it is that you want to improve in 2017, write it down.  There is a reason for calling it a Vision Board. A Vision Board, puts your goals on display, keeping them in front of you the whole time. Talk about having a constant reminder that is always right in front of you. And, my vision board does not have to be very big, just big enough.

Cayden and me.

I really love going to the gym with my son. It makes me so happy to see him get excited to come with me. Last Tuesday, I went to body pump with Leilah, and he went to kids boot camp. We took this pic as soon as we got home, still just minutes after finishing our work out!!

In 2017, it is my goal to work out more than I did the year before, and to work out more than I did before with Cayden.

Getting in shape is never about a number for me. Working out is always about a feeling, first!

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