How soon do you decorate?!

To be honest, I have never put up my tree before Thanksgiving until this year.

Technically, I didn’t put it up this time either. However, I did help pick it out. I’m working on campus all day Saturday (yesterday), so the hubs put it in some water that morning while I was at work. We were too busy trying to get our house in order Friday night when we got home to remember to unload it out of the truck before falling asleep late last night on the couch. (That happens to all of us, right?)

See, ten years ago I argued this point with Mom. Before Thanksgiving was just too early, I said, to put up a tree. But, it’s 2016- people!! And, besides- we put up our tree because of well, Christmas!!

If you really want to get technical, we have not “decorated” it yet… 😛

In reality, the real reason I wanted to put up a tree already is because of #procrastination. There is no happy middle for me. I am either ahead of the game, or behind it. Early or late. If I didn’t put it up now- when I also had time to put it up in the first place, then I surely would have been too busy to do it later.

So, how early can you put up your Christmas tree, you ask? As early as you want. And, if you never take it down, even better! Because, well, uh, Christmas!!


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