November 12, 2016

It’s still beautiful outside and I’m still enjoying the day… outside, so this is gonna be quick.

…But the guys took first at today’s sixth grade sponsored flag football tourney.

In fact, we are almost all here, too.

Good gracious, I love my niece and nephew so much! Look at Isabella here under the Magnolia High School’s mascot. Magnolia High School’s mascots are the Bulldogs, the Magnolia Bulldogs. Just look at her. Isabella sure loves her big cousin.

I am looking forward to watching my son grow the rest-of-the-way-up, right here. In this town. In this house. In this little corner of the world. 🏡🌎

P.s. iPhone needs a Texas emoji and I’m going to buy, and then bedazzle one of those blue and white Bear Branch Bears Football caps one day. They were selling them earlier and I barely resisted. Sixth grade through the eighth grade we are the Bear Branch Bears, whose colors are blue and gray/white. Next we are the Magnolia Bulldogs, whose colors are maroon, gray/white.

By the way, did you guys hear about the underground tunnel and underpass that New Zealand made for penguins to cross heavy traffic areas, privately? It’s also just their size, and now the little guys can avoid humans all together.

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